Trump gives reason for killing Qasim Sulaimani

US President Trump has said Iran plans to attack four US embassies because of the assassination of Iranian General Qasim world ahmed
 Trump gives reason for killing Qasim Sulaimani

Speaking on the drone strike about a week after the assassination of Iranian General Qasim Sulaimani, Trump said Iran was planning attacks on four US embassies at the time of the attack.

Democrats, on the other hand, said at a intelligence briefing about the attack that they did not see any evidence of plans to attack the embassy.current world news

"I can reveal that I believe it was probably 4 embassies," the US president said in an interview to a private TV channel.

Trump first claimed the embassy attack at an environmental program in the White House the day before the attack on Sulaimani, while repeating it in a rally in Ohio, Trump's claim was also endorsed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Was.

Trump says it is 'clear' that Iran was behind the protesters who attacked the US Embassy in Baghdad a few days before the death of Suleimani.current world news

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Yesterday, US Secretary of State Steve Manuchan said the White House allowed new economic sanctions against Iran, which were "imposed by the Iranian government to curb global terrorism activities."

He said the new restrictions would affect Iran's construction, manufacturing and mining industries.

Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo has said that the sanctions imposed on Iran target Iran's "internal security structure."