Wheat crisis has its roots in CM Punjab's office

ISLAMABAD (Ansar Abbasi): In violation of government regulations, Chief Minister Usman Bazdar intervened in the food department and after last year's wheat procurement, several districts consisted of politically graded 16% and 17% ' Exchanged "district food controllers news world ahmed
 Wheat crisis has its roots in CM Punjab's office

This is seen as one of the major causes of mismanagement in the wake of the current wheat crisis in the country. The News has received copies of two official summaries submitted by then Secretary of Food Punjab Zafar Nasrullah in July and August 2019, demanding that 19% of Food Department officers be transferred to different districts of the province. ۔

The transfer of the District Food Controller (DFC) is vested with Secretary Food, but these appointments were made by the Chief Minister. The DFC is considered the most important person in the entire wheat operation of the department as he heads the food department in the district. These summaries show that the Chief Minister's Secretariat intervened in the transfer and posting issues shortly after the purchase of wheat.current world news

These summaries indicate that Secretary Food sent a written confirmation for the posting on the direction of the Chief Minister. Government documents show that the Chief Minister confirmed orders that do not fall within his jurisdiction.

Sources say that most of these DFCs subsequently released unregulated and unaccounted wheat reserves from government reserves, resulting in the current crisis.

It is also learned that these changes were made because Naseem Sadiq, the highly professional and honest secretary, refused to do so, and was replaced only two months after the Secretary Food was imposed. A source said that the wheat crisis has its roots in the farmer's office, which has been largely mismanaged by the Chief Minister's unlawful interference in purely administrative matters of the Food Department.

It is said that the post of District Food Controller is considered luxurious. It is also said that the rule of style and political interference is that in the most important city like Rawalpindi, the head of the food department is a teacher, ie an education officer. The DFC is the official watchdog of any state's wheat reserves arrangement in any city and therefore has to take care of the wheat reserves issued to the floor mills as well as to ensure that the market for wheat In addition to the reserves available, he is also responsible for measures to prevent the smuggling of wheat and flour.

With such important responsibilities, the designation of the DFC becomes of paramount importance in food security initiatives.current world news

On July 11, 2019, approval for the transfer / posting orders of District Food Controller (Grade 17) and Storage Officer (Grade 16) was forwarded to the Chief Minister, which included Bahawalnagar, Multan, Rawalpindi, Mianwali, Sheikhupura, Mandi. CM's approval has been obtained for these officers of Bahauddin, Gujranwala, Toba Tek Singh and Sahiwal. This was the time when it was time to issue stock after the purchase of wheat reserves in the province.

In all these districts, the transfer and posting of DFCs and K are highly regarded. Similarly, another summary on 6 August 2019 was sent by Food Secretary Zafar Nasrullah to the Chief Minister for confirmation of transfer / posting of DFCs in Jhelum, Bahawalpur, Bhakkar, Leh, Khanewal and Faisalabad.

According to the sources, the method adopted for these transfers / postings was that these exchanges took place under the oath / telephonics of the Chief Secretary, which was conveyed to him by his Principal Secretary and subsequently by the Chief Minister's Office. Also confirmed. On both sides the Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister, who records the orders of the Chief Minister on the summary, recorded these orders of Usman Bazdar:

"The Chief Minister has seen the summary and approves it with great pleasure." This is the official confirmation of the Chief Minister's intervention in the Food Department's administrative affairs. As per the rules, posting / transfer of DFCs (Grade 17%) is authorized by Secretary Food and it is their responsibility.

But in this case, the Chief Minister snatched up this option and appointed like-minded people in more than 12% of the districts without regard to rules and regulations. According to an official source, for some time the Chief Minister banned transfer and posting and these appointments may be the result of this situation. However, there is no mention of any restriction in the summary nor talk of lifting the ban, it just says the confirmation.

Sources say that after these controversial appointments made by the Chief Minister, the then Secretary of Food, Naseem Sadiq, who is currently the Commissioner at DG Khan, was replaced just two months after the appointment. Sadiq is a well-respected officer and his teammates consider him a person who gives them results and he is not a nonsense type officer. He is said to have refused to accept the Chief Minister's intervention in the administration of the Food Department. Sadiq had appointed all the DFCs on merit.

He also inquired about suspicious wheat supplied to floor mills who were suspected to be selling smugglers instead of wheat. Punjab Government and Food Department