Why didn't the Omani Sultan shake hands with Sheikh Zayed?

KARACHI (Video Desk) - The video of Shaykh Muhammad Bin Zayed's departure of Oman's new Sultan Hissam bin Tariq on viral media has been viral on social media. Critics, however, are unaware of the real world ahmed
 Why didn't the Omani Sultan shake hands with Sheikh Zayed?

Shaikh Muhammad bin Zayed Al-Nanihan, the paternal grandfather of Abu Dhabi, arrived at the royal palace of Muscat and condoled with the new sultan on the death of Sultan Qaboos bin Sa'id of Oman.current world news

On arrival at the Royal Palace, the honored guests were welcomed by the new Sultan Sheikh Hisham bin Tariq and handed over to him personally. Shaykh Hisham bin Tariq refused to shake hands and started to move forward.

Some critics raised questions about relations between the two countries by viraling the video clip on social media, but critics were unconcerned with Omani customs.

According to the Gulf region's traditions and in accordance with the Omani customs, the host hosting the guest holds his hand until the guest reaches the door.

In keeping with this tradition, the new sultan also refused to shake hands at the departure of the honored guest, which the critics added some color to.current world news

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, holding the arm of Sheikh Hizam bin Sultan, insisted that he allow them and meet other guests for condolences.