Will teach IG a lesson; he will remain the same officer who will follow the policy of public representatives: CM Sindh

KARACHI (TV reporter / staff reporter) Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah has announced two tweets that the IG will no longer have the right to stay after Sindh Cabinet's dissatisfaction. Will news world ahmed

If the challenge is tried, they will teach a lesson. The IG has become the party; the Prime Minister has agreed to remove them. This weak officer wants to stay away from the chair. Why did any of our servants commit a crime, why not get arrested? Appointed an officer.

According to Geo News, Murad Ali Shah, criticizing the irregularities headed by IG Kalim Imam, said that an unqualified officer made a false report against Imtiaz Shaikh, Saeed Ghani was falsely accused.

And so on, he tried to get himself involved with Yusuf Dhilwale. According to a staff reporter, the PTI member Khurram Sher Zaman in Sindh Assembly on Thursday received notice of the transfer of IG Sindh. In response, Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that the same IG will be run in Sindh which will follow the policy of elected representatives.current world news

This Sindh Assembly belongs to the elected people of the people, the elected house of the people has rejected IG Sindh, the government has expressed their distrust of Inspector General of Police, Kaleem Imam, so they have no right to remain in office.current world news

He said that the officer of the province speaks to whom he does not know

Never before seen the IG become a party, the Prime Minister will decide upon returning home and the IG Sindh will be replaced.