18-year-old couple discuss the Internet

Recently in Pakistan, at the tender age of 18, a married couple who are loving love are becoming very popular on the world ahmed
 18-year-old couple discuss the Internet

Assad, 18, from Lahore, married his boyfriend last week after a short-lived friendship, Assad is a student at O ​​Levels and resides in Muscat while Nimra is educated in Pakistan. Had been

Asad, who set the example for unfaithful men, says he came home last year to his older sister's wedding, only to meet and befriend Nimra during his sister's marriage, the two families knew each other and good friendship Was.

After the sister's marriage, Assad went abroad but did not have a heart without Namara, reminding her of Nimra's talk about asking for a relationship with her parents, and mutual consent was found between the two families.current world news

18-year-old Namara says we had a friendship a few months ago, before I talked to her family about Assad, she had sent a relationship to the house first, with parents disappointed or someone when the relationship came up. There was no interruption and the relationship was easily settled and married.

Assad has advised other boys that anyone who belongs to a girl should make it legal, talk shamelessly at home and get married early to avoid sins.current world news

It should be noted that the couple's wedding photos and videos were shared on the Internet by the boy's sister and after seeing these photos went viral on every platform of the internet, social media users on this beautiful couple. Lots of likes, prayers and good wishes continue to be full of comments and share, while everyone appreciates this good move.

The youngest couple, who have become Internet sensation, say that the two will now complete their studies together and build a future together.