9 billion tax evasion of influential people's wedding halls

KARACHI (Sohail Afzal / Staff Reporter) Karachi's influential people's wedding halls (Bankwright Marks) face tax evasion of Rs 9 billion news world ahmed
 9 billion tax evasion of influential people's wedding halls

As per the details, a detailed survey and investigation by the Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation Inland Revenue revealed that in the last 4 years, Grade A wedding halls of Karachi have collected only Rs. 40 million, ie only Rs. 10 crore. Annually, while surveys and investigations revealed that they collected 9 billion 46 million 30 million withholding tax.

On the one hand, he continued to show less of his income on the other hand, instead of depositing the money received from the public into the national exchequer, he kept in his pocket.current world news

Investigations also revealed that most of the wedding halls are run by the frontman, Saleem Ahmed Mirani, deputy director of the Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation Inland Revenue, said in a briefing that interesting findings were made in their surveys and investigations. Have been

We only selected Grade A660 wedding halls located in the covered areas of Karachi, which receive fees or rent of halls of one lakh and above but did not include catering and other expenses.

Most were those who refused to give our team a booking or gave a date of at least 2 to 3 months, but they showed only 10 to 12 bookings a year in the tax department, renters ranging from 7 to 12 and 1.5 lakh rented a few thousand. Of course, there were a large number of people who showed only 2 to 3 bookings a year.current world news

The briefing stated that now we have started their real-time monitoring and we have taken rates from them. Now the events and the people involved will be monitored.

The monitoring will also estimate the catering and other expenses, which will also indicate who is spending, Saleem Ahmad Mirani said that the marriage will be due to 5% government withholding tax in 4 years. Hall's tax is 9 billion 46 million 30 million.

"We have issued notices to all 660 wedding halls, the majority of these wedding halls are not registered in the FBR, but they will now be registered," he said.