Ali Zafar releases dance steps of PSL songs

Ali Zafar, the songwriter for the current season of PSL, has released dance steps for the lyrics of the world ahmed
 Ali Zafar releases dance steps of PSL songs

Fans wait to sing PSL after Ali Zafar's new teaser

Ali Zafar, in a message on social networking website Twitter, told fans that the PSL5 anthem is ready. You also have the opportunity to join the song and become a star.current world news

Brother Aya, the dance challenge is about to begin, Ali Zafar

Addressing the fans, he said that the song is ready. Now it is the turn of the video. I have made the song, you will make the video.current world news

Lo G! The song is ready. Now time for the video. But this time, you can be the star and feature in it. Watch this video to understand what you need to do! You can see the longer version on my YouTube and subscribe to… #bhaeehazirhai

He has instructed Twitter users to give some dance tips, following which they will make a video and send it to the specific e-mail address mentioned by Ali Zafar.

The second teaser of Ali Zafar's PSL anthem is released

Ali Zafar said that users can do these dance steps alone and in a group of friends, record the dance step and send it to the email address given by Ali Zafar.

Ever since the message was released by the singer, cricket fans and Ali Zafar have been sharing video of their rehearsals using the hashtag 'Brother is present' waiting for the PSL song.

It should be clear that in reply to Shoaib Akhtar's tweet earlier, Ali Zafar had asked the question: Do you dance?

Ali Zafar's video on dance steps is becoming very popular among social media users and has been the focus of all.

'Brother is present', the language is common at the moment and is on the top trends on Pakistan's Twitter trend panel.