Balochistan National Party joins PM

Pakistan is one of the few countries in the world that is the model of all the wonders of nature, what is the best location, wide sea, wilderness, natural resources to manpower which is not in this country news world ahmed
 Balochistan National Party joins PM

But even so, national solidarity, religious tolerance, national rights, linguistic issues — the combination of elements in a series of raises — are repeatedly questioned. This is probably why where the masses are not alike in terms of being 'the one', there is no peace for the empowered.

As a citizen, when we try to find out the facts, the conclusion that we have in the context of our lesser knowledge is that in reality there is no contradiction in any respect, but on our side, the "epistemic fears" On the other hand, those who are capable of competing in the political arena are making these assumptions a cultural case.current world news

The lesson of history is that nations do not develop in such an environment of uncertainty and mistrust. The point is that the world is a better world, even after the countries that have been liberated after us have reached Bangladesh, but we are still unable to conclude the debate about who is patriotic and who is a traitor.current world news

At a time when there is a resurrection for the poor and the poor, it is now being thought of as a way to get out of this senseless and unimaginable fear.current world news

The revolution of the present is also that in this regard, especially the youth of Punjab are taking a wide and open liver.

We remember these things in the context of meeting with Sajid Tareen, a former president of the Pukhtoon Students Federation, in Karachi, 25 years later.

When I was going to meet Sajid Tareen along with my lawyer friends, Qadir Khan and Shamroz Khan, the politics of student politics began to take off for years, says Faiz-e-Sahab.

Then smell the flowers in the eyes, the candles in the heart again

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Then the concept took the name of going into this confusion

Former president of the Balochistan High Court Bar, Sajid Tareen is a member of the core committee of the Balochistan National Party (Mengal), which has made a six-point alliance with the federal government.

These include the recovery of missing persons, constitutional legislation related to Gwadar, the federal service quota for Balochistan, the repatriation of Afghan refugees, the granting of full authority to Gwadar Port to the Balochistan government and development schemes for Balochistan in the federal budget.

According to Sajid Tareen, the PTI has accepted these six points legally and constitutionally and ensured their implementation. More than 570 missing persons have returned after the deal.

Including those who have long been missing. During the meeting, it was realized how much the BNP was concerned for the security and development of the country despite all the injustices of the past.

The fact is that Bhutto, in his book "If I am Assassinated", writes about the abduction of Sardar Akhtar Mengal's elder brother, Assad Mengal, that he was unaware of Assad Mengal's assassination as prime minister.

Sardar Ataullah Mengal was the chief minister and Ghaus Bakhsh Bizenjo governor that the National Awami Party government was abolished in Balochistan. In addition to these leaders, 55 Nepalese leaders including Wali Khan, Sardar Khair Bakhsh Murree (late) were put in jail.

Due to the closure of the constitutional and democratic paths, the Baloch went to the mountains, but these leaders, who were imprisoned, emphasized the political struggle. He was the leader who supported Ms Fatima Jinnah against dictator Ayub Khan in 1964, and after the country split, the historic constitution of the 1973 Constitution was agreed.

The fact is that in the National Awami Party, which was the top progressive and nationalist gathering of Pakistan, the salaries of the British salaried and Pakistani dictators, since they could not compete with the political, so the traditional Tehman factory was set up. Used to come

The history is also that those who supported the dictators and who made the country a liar are called patriots and who were at the forefront of every democratic and constitutional movement and who are not even accused of corruption are traitors !!

The federation of historians like Sardar Attaullah Mengal is a good alliance with the federation and it is also a reflection of the fact that the parties belonging to the former Nepalese have never shied away from joining the federation.

The question of today is whether the time has come to break this energy and divide national consolidation, peace, democratic and economic stability, rather than distributing fraudulent credentials and losing power over "fictitious fears." To be used for