Black witch, 68-year-old sister murdered without snake work

KARACHI (News Desk) - A woman was shot dead by a knife 68 in the UK for obtaining her sister's husband. The woman first cut her sister's hand and then killed her with multiple knives on her, before the woman even paid 5,000 pounds to a magician for the task. The incident took place in Luton, world ahmed
 Black witch, 68-year-old sister murdered without snake work

In this regard, the story of Saba Khan is mentioned in a new documentary by The Leaders on Quest Red.

Saba Khan, 29, wanted her older sister Saima's husband and had been with her for four years.current world news

They used several malicious methods to kill their sister, including buying poison, using poisonous snakes, and black magic, etc., because she wanted to get her sister-in-law.

Saba, who was obsessed with the madness, finally bought a knife from Tesco and assassinated her sister in 2016 while she was sleeping at home with her four children.current world news

Saba shot 68 knives at Saima and cut her throat. Meanwhile, her year-old niece, who was on the stairs, started screaming, "Are you killing the rat?"

In his home in Luton, a blood addict escaped leaving his sister's body, after which he began making false statements about the incident and pretended to call it a robbery, but police suspect. But he was arrested.

Former investigating officer Peter Blakeslee says that Saba Khan wanted to get her sister's husband in every situation.

She wanted Hafiz to be alone. The taxi driver, Hafeez, met Saba when Hafeez was 21 years old, after which a secret relationship was established between the two. Saima used to take advantage of the time he was at work.

In the meantime, Hafeez also benefited from his mother-in-law and once tried to find out if he could marry his mother-in-law and whether he was allowed in Islam.