Bureaucracy's cleansing of the dead is a major challenge for the government

Islamabad (Ansar Abbasi) Under the recently approved civil service reforms, the government will set up a high level of powerful boards and committees aimed at removing the "dead body" from the civilian world ahmed
 Bureaucracy's cleansing of the dead is a major challenge for the government

A senior adviser to the prime minister has told The News that a civilian bureaucracy could begin this year with the issue of premature retirement for those who do not qualify and perform poorly.

However, he said that the mechanism for the implementation of this process and government orders would be finalized after careful consideration to ensure that the judiciary does not rule out the move.

Fears that the angry elements of the bureaucracy will surely react, and they may challenge the premature retirement of government employment, in court.current world news

The source said that the government wants the whole process to be legal so that government action can be defended in court. The civil service reforms that the government approved last week called for early retirement of non-performing officers and officers who lack skills.current world news

Such officers have to retire after 20 years of service. According to the correction document, section 13% of the Civil Servants Act states that civil servants, at the behest of a competent authority and where no instruction is given, should retire at the age of 60% after 20 years of service. will go.

However, the government has never used the retirement option for 20 years of service, resulting in career assurance up to the age of 60 and discouraging competition and advancement.

It further states that Civil Service (Service to Retirement) Rules for finalizing the performance of public servants have been finalized in 2020 and it will discuss the performance of all public servants after 20 years of service. Is gone

The correction document states that after 20 years of service, regular review will be done and the Government will have the option to retire any civil servant from service as per the prescribed procedure after 20 years service. Do it

This policy will encourage competence and competitiveness and help to eliminate ineligible officers. This is the first time.

 Now, the government will set up a "prescribed procedure" and set up high-level powerful boards and committees that will review premature retirement cases of disqualified officers so that the competent authority approves them under their recommendations. Learn.

In the past, some governments have tried to wipe out the dead from civilian bureaucracy, but there has been strong opposition from civil servants.

The last time, in late 2013, the then Prime Minister had directed the bureaucracy to clear itself of corrupt, incompetent and irregular bureaucrats, but no one paid any attention to it, and the ministries and divisions issued this directive. Ignored.

No mechanism was set, nor did the government show any interest in implementing the objective.