Camari: Soybean dust discovered in blood of casualties

Soybean dust has been found in blood samples of people killed by mysterious gas in Karachi's Kemari world ahmed

Controversial claims by authorities, poisonous gas or soybean dust

According to sources, the Chemistry Research Institute of the University of Karachi has completed the examination of blood samples.current world news

A report prepared by the University of Karachi has been sent to Commissioner Karachi, according to which soybean dust has been found in the blood samples of the victims.current world news

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The report states that the problem of soybean dust had also surfaced in Spain two years ago, affecting many people.

Karachi: Poisonous gas, post-mortem of two bodies, 16 samples taken

The causes of the alleged toxic gas outbreak have not been officially determined yet.

Earlier, soybean loading was stopped from the ship during a poisonous gas investigation into the camaraderie.

Police sources said the unusual dust during the soybean removal was affecting nearby populations.

According to police officials, the area will be monitored till evening to prevent offloading of soybeans.