Casualty, fatalities are 5 instead of 6, police said

Regarding the emission of poisonous gas or chemicals in the camaraderie, police officials said that five persons, including three women and a child, were killed, while 132 were victims. , Until this morning, the formula containing 'as many mouths' is world ahmed
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Camari: 6 killed, 100 affected by mysterious gas

The Pakistan Navy's Biological and Chemical Damage Control Team reviewed the affected areas until late at night, the team said that blood samples of the affected persons will be analyzed today for samples of the area's water, soil tree leaves and other doses. ۔

During the preliminary investigation, one thing has been clarified that gas or chemical buoy emissions are not linked to Karachi port, the population of Kasari area of ​​Mansan Road, Railway Colony, Daks and Jackson Bazar has been affected more than 1.5 km. ۔ The situation is normal this morning, with the death toll from poisonous gas or chemicals falling from six to five.current world news

No shipments emitted chemicals or gases, KPT said

According to police officials, they have found the bodies of 5 persons instead of 6 who have been prosecuted for the operation of Section 174.

According to police officials, Yasmeen, a woman affected by poisonous gas, was first taken to a hospital in Kimari where she died.current world news

According to SHO Jackson Malik Adil, there were six counts of death in the incident, which is actually five, including three women, a child and a man.

According to police, more than 130 people were affected, out of which 100 victims were taken to a private hospital in Kemari where more than 20 people are still admitted. 22 were given medical help at Kharadar Hospital where two women Death also happened.

The Navy's Chemical Damage Control Team has launched an investigation, Ali Zaidi

According to Dr Semi Jamali of Jinnah Hospital, three persons were brought to the Jinnah Hospital emergency, one of whom has been admitted for regular treatment.

Until late in the night in the affected area of ​​the camaraderie, a mask containing five rupees was not even available for Rs. The smell is gone.current world news

Uca Dukka has been discharged to schools on Masan Road. The situation is normal in other cadres.

According to the Election Police, the case has not been registered yet. Evidence is being collected in this regard and the case will be registered by completing legal proceedings today.