Chief Justice's orders will be fully implemented", Nasir Hussain

Provincial Minister Nasir Hussain Shah has said that the operation against the encroachment is underway and will follow the orders of the Chief Justice, where the family is not world ahmed
 Chief Justice's orders will be fully implemented", Nasir Hussain

Nasir Hossain Shah told the media in Karachi that the Chief Justice ordered the demolition of buildings, orders would be implemented, we are with the Chief Justice's vision of improvement of the city.current world news

He said that there is sympathy from the families living in the buildings, they do not want to displace the people but the occupation of other places is also not right.

Karachi is a big city, it will take time to eliminate the complete encroachment; there are more than 900 illegal buildings in Karachi.current world news

Nasir Hussain said that the Supreme Court orders will ease us.

He said that people from other countries are also living illegally in Karachi. One-window operation has been launched on corruption complaint.current world news

He added that we have received less than Rs 130 billion development funds this financial year, are planning a comprehensive plan for the Katchi population in Karachi. There were attachments from.

He demanded that the Chief Justice also take action against foreigners.

On the question on IG Sindh, he said that IG should take leave immediately, IG changes in KP and Punjab immediately, there should not have been a dispute regarding change of IG.

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