CM visits Sindh secretariat, officers race

Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah suddenly reached the Sindh Secretariat, Tughlaq House, checked the attendance of the officers and expressed his indignation over the absence of various officers and said that if the officers do not come by 10 o'clock, then world ahmed
 CM visits Sindh secretariat, officers race

The Chief Minister visited various offices of Sindh Secretariat early in the morning.

On a visit to the Department of Industries and Irrigation Department, the Chief Minister called him on the irrigation absence and said that your staff is not present, if you are not working then finish.

On the occasion of his visit, the Chief Minister checked the attendance of the officers and staff at the offices of the Minister, Excise, Secretary Excise along with the Home Department of Sindh and expressed their disappointment.current world news

When the Chief Minister went to the Labor Office, the staff said that the Secretary had gone to Larkana, after which the Secretary Labor arrived.current world news

On the occasion of the Chief Minister's visit, the municipality's secretary Roshan Sheikh was not present in the office, while the staff in the office made false statements that he had gone to the meeting of the chief secretary.

On this, the Chief Minister said that there is no meeting with the Chief Secretary, this process is unbearable.

On this occasion, Murad Ali Shah also visited the biometric room of the municipality where no entry data was available.

According to the Chief Minister, Murad Ali Shah, while expressing his unhappiness, said that lying will not work, he also summoned the Secretary General Administration.

Chief Minister Sindh directed that the officers of the department planning on absenteeism should give notice to the secretary of education, if these officers are not coming then it is better to sit at home.