Corona arrives in Israel, Lebanon, feared by Iran

Occupied Jerusalem (AFP / NET News) With the emergence of Corona virus cases worldwide, deadly virus cases have now surfaced in Israel and world ahmed
 Corona arrives in Israel, Lebanon, feared by Iran

On the other hand, the death toll from Corona has dropped to four in Iran, Iranian Ministry of Health spokesman Mano Mehrez said, adding that the virus has been identified in 18 people so far, and two more have been killed in Qom.current world news

So far, a total of four people have died in Iran from the Corona virus.

According to Mehrez, it is likely that the virus has reached all the cities of Iran.

According to details, Israel confirmed the first Corona virus patient and said that the Corona virus was confirmed in a woman returning from the Diamond Prince ship in Japan, 11 of whom returned from the ship were tested. The test came out positive.

Meanwhile, a 45-year-old woman returning from the Iranian city of Qom has also been confirmed with the Corona virus. On the other hand, several cities in Iran have been reported to have spread the Corona virus.

In the United Arab Emirates, two people were affected by coronavirus, according to the Ministry of Health, one of them is Filipino and the other is Bangladeshi.current world news

Three Chinese nationals had previously been identified with the Corona virus, who are now recovering.

On the other hand, Kuwait's national airline announced on Thursday that it had suspended all its flights to Iran.

A statement released on Twitter on Thursday said the move was based on instructions from the Kuwait Ministry of Health and the Civil Aviation Authority, amid concerns over the spread of the virus.

According to Arab media, Kuwait's ports have also halted maritime transport for Iran due to the Corona virus.