Ehsanullah Ehsan escapes sensitive operation, sources

The outlawed TTP spokesman Ihsanullah Ehsan escaped during a sensitive operation, he was to be punished for his world ahmed
 Ehsanullah Ehsan escapes sensitive operation, sources

Sources say that Ihsanullah Ihsan and other terrorists will be taken to the disbelievers role.

According to sources, Ihsanullah Ehsan voluntarily transferred himself to the intelligence agencies in 2017, while he started providing sensitive information before surrendering.

Sources say that after a preliminary inquiry, Ehsanullah Ehsan made a confessional statement on April 26, 2017, in which the spokesman of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) exposed its handlers and facilitators. While condemning terrorist acts and extremist thinking.current world news

According to sources, security forces broke the network of terrorists on the information of Ihsanullah Ihsan and many terrorists were also arrested.current world news

Sources further said that the acquisition of important information was necessary for the operations to reach a logical conclusion, as a result of the information obtained, some operations are still underway.