Friends of Pakistan, I see signs of positive progress in the relationship against terrorists, hope for greater tension in the region.

Ahmedabad, Gujarat (News Agencies) As US President Donald Trump arrives in India, addressing a Trump rally in front of Narendra Modi at the biggest cricket stadium in Ahmedabad Gujarat, surprised the Indians, while the audience grew alarmed. The planters were quiet and the silence was world ahmed
 Friends of Pakistan, I see signs of positive progress in the relationship against terrorists, hope for greater tension in the region.

President Trump praised Pakistan and said that Pakistan is a good friend whose role against terrorism is positive.current world news

He added that India holds a special place in our hearts; America will always be a sincere and loyal friend of Indians; protection of borders is the right of every country.

US and India are determined to stop and fight terrorists, which is why my administration has worked very positively with Pakistan to take action against terrorist organizations and militants operating along the Pakistani border. At the same time, President Trump announced a $ 3 billion (about 470 Pakistan billion rupees) defense pact, co-operation in the space sector and the latest dangerous weapons to be signed today (Tuesday).current world news

Addressing the rally, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the new history of India-US relations is making money.

Meanwhile, trade agreements are also underway in the US and India. Under the India-India defense agreement, India will buy 24 Navy MH 60 helicopters for its Navy and 6 AH 64 E helicopters for the Army.

According to details, on Monday, US President Donald arrived in Ahmedabad, India, on a two-day visit, where Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed him and hugged him.

Along with the US president were his wife Melania Trump, his wife and White House adviser Ivanka Trump and his son-in-law, Gerard Kushner. From the airport, he was taken to Sabarmati Ashram, the residence of Mahatma Gandhi.

Following the visit to the Ashram, US President Donald Trump arrived at Ahmedabad's largest cricket stadium in the world where he attended the 'Namaste Trump' event.

There were more than one million people in the stadium. Addressing the rally, US President Trump said that India has a special place in his heart and he will never forget the warm welcome.

However, Trump upset Narendra Modi and the participants' rally by addressing the praise of Pakistan at a large public rally in Ahmedabad Gujarat. , Islamabad is doing positively against terrorism.

Signs of progress in matters related to Pakistan are clear, tensions are down, all the aspirants of South Asia hope for a better future. Shut up, but the US president also announced a $ 3 billion defense pact with India and increased cooperation in the space sector.

Trump said that our relations with Pakistan are very good which is developing, thanks to these efforts, signs of progress with Pakistan have started to appear, we are reducing tensions in South Asia, increasing stability and future. I hope for harmony.

Donald Trump says the US and India are united in the fight against Islamic extremism and terrorism, my government has launched a full military force against ISIS, resulting in the complete destruction of its caliphate, however the US President In his address, he did not speak on the protests over the citizenship amendment law in India.

During the speech, the US President said that people from all over the planet would take Indian films, bhangra and classical films like bridal bride and enjoy the flames, you are happy with great cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli.

The US President announces a $ 3 billion defense deal with India, saying that we have the best weapons in the world and we will give him the most dangerous weapon in the world while promoting defense cooperation with India. We will always remember, there is a special place in our hearts for Indians.

The American president praised India's religious cohesion and said that Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains and Christians worship their own religion in India, you are becoming stronger as a nation, India is extraordinarily diverse. The country is the world's largest democracy and its people are very respected and strong.

Also addressing the event, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the money was being paid at the Mutra Stadium, and he also mentioned the Hoodie Modi rally that took place in Houston in the US five months ago.

He said that Donald Trump began his visit to India with a rally called 'Namaste Trump' in Ahmedabad.

During Donald Trump's first visit to India, 14,000 security personnel were deployed in Ahmedabad, while special cleansing of the areas where the US President would go.

Kuchi populations have already been evacuated on Donald Trump's visit, while banners are greeted every 10 meters to commemorate the US President's visit.