Had the Taj Mahal not existed, would India have shown cow dung to the world?

During the Delhi riots, an Indian child shouted 'Narendra Modi dead wind' in a rally against the Modi government and said that if India did not have a red fort and a Taj Mahal, would India show the cow dung to the world news world ahmed
 Had the Taj Mahal not existed, would India have shown cow dung to the world?

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Protest rallies are being staged all over the city against the riots in Delhi, the capital of India, in which not only the young and old are taking part, but children are also protesting to demand their independence from the Modi government.current world news

A video of the protest rally is going viral on social media in which a 10-year-old child is addressing a rally.current world news

As can be seen in the viral video, the baby Modi is so angry over the anti-Muslim measures of the government that he shouted 'Narendra Modi dead body' at the rally.

 The child begins his speech with the question:

If there had not been a Taj Mahal, Red Fort, what would you have shown the cow and the dung to the world?

 On this child's question all the people there were clapping well to encourage the child.

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The Indian child read the poem "Poetry Milli" by poet Allama Iqbal in his speech:

The onus of trust is in our hearts

Not easy to erase our names and names

The Indian child, while reading another poem from the East, said:

Even today, the faith of Abraham

The fire can create the style of Gulistan

After reading these verses, the child shouted 'Revolution Zindaband and Narendra Modi dead wind'.

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The child asked the people there what we wanted. In response to this question, people said 'freedom.'

 The child sought independence from the Modi government and said:

Children want freedom

What you will not give freedom

We will take freedom

Is our right to freedom

Is the freedom from love

Have a lovely sweet freedom

The freedom to write on the grave tomorrow

Freedom to write by blood

It may be recalled that the death toll in India's capital New Delhi has risen to 42, with more than 350 people injured.