Has the FBR cheated the government

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 Has the FBR cheated the government

In response to an alleged wrongdoing in the Revenue Division, a summary was submitted by the FBR, which issued an SRO containing the entire government, including the federal cabinet, in which an anonymous transaction ( Prohibition) The rules of the Decision Making Authority (Adjudy Keating Authority) have been issued under the Act.current world news

A senior FBR official told The News that the Revenue Division expressed serious concerns over this "illegal" action because the whole process was illegal.

However, the matter has been brought to the knowledge of the Prime Minister and not to the Cabinet. Sources say that the relevant authorities are now considering consulting the Ministry of Law to correct this illegal mistake.

However, when contacted, the concerned officer at the FBR, who issued the above-mentioned SRO, told The News that all members, including him, were appointed additional secretaries in the FBR. So, whatever the FBR did, it was in accordance with the law and the rules, he said.

The officer said that all the summons sent to the government and the cabinet for approval in the relevant case were signed by the then chairman Jahanzeb Khan, who was also secretary of the revenue division at the time. Under the Rules of Business (Rules of Business), the FBR cannot approach the cabinet or any ministry or division directly.

Even if the Chairman of the FBR was the Secretary of the Revenue Division, sources still say that the Revenue Division was advancing the case, not the FBR. It falls under the FBR Revenue Division, which is the FBR's administrative ministry, and therefore it has to move various cases for approval from the government and the cabinet.

Recently, the Revenue Division came to the knowledge that the FBR was illegally becoming a Revenue Division and under the Anonymous Transaction (Prohibition) Act, the rules of decision-making authority (Adjudy Keating Authority) were issued. In this, the member of the organization is presented as the "Additional Secretary" of the Revenue Division.

The Revenue Division's Additional Secretary, who has identified the violation multiple times, was contacted by the News, but denied that he had any knowledge of the progress.

The News has learned from a reliable source that the Additional Secretary Revenue Division recently issued a SRO issued under the Anonymous Transaction (Sanctions) Act to issue rules for decision-making authority (Adjudy Keating Authority). And raised questions about the justification of appointing members and chairman of the Edgewood Keating Authority for anonymous transactions.

Sources say that these matters were sent to the Cabinet Division, Establishment Division, Ministry of Finance and even the Ministry of Law for consideration and approval before being sent to the Federal Cabinet, but no one identified the alleged error.

As a result, the Cabinet approved the cases after which not only the FBR member's declaration of anonymity transaction (RR) ban rolls, but also the chairman of the decision-making authority, Edgewood Ketting Authority, and two members. Was also done.current world news

All of this has been done in the manner in which the FBR, which is also an affiliated department, has issued rules for another affiliated department and is also alleged to have taken a wrong approach in summary. It is reported that the Summary Revenue Division has sent.

The rules / SROs issued are signed by the same member of the FBR who has declared himself Additional Secretary of the Revenue Division. Anonymous Transaction Rules 2019 were issued on March 11, 2019 through SRO No. 326 (I) / 2019.current world news

The SRO was then signed by the then IR Policy / Additional Secretary. Now no one else but the Revenue Division has raised objections that the FBR member was not the Secretary of the Revenue Division, and the Division has not taken any advice on the matter.

Under the same SRO, a chairman and two members have been appointed for the Edgewood Keating Authority. Section 6 of the SRO mentions the terms and conditions for the chairperson and members of the authority.

Under this illegal SRO, the Chairman of the Authority is entitled to the salary, allowances and other privileges incurred by his appointment under roll number five or the salary, allowances and privileges received immediately prior to his retirement. Secondly, in the case of Adjudy Keating Authority Allowance, Rs.

Each member is entitled to pay, allowances and allowances immediately before retirement under roll number five, and (ii) Rs.2 lakh per month in the case of Adjudicial Keating Authority Allowance.

Under roll number five, the Secretary of the Revenue Division will propose a panel of officers appropriate to the federal government that meets the conditions set forth in the SRO.

The Federal Government shall, as it deems fit, appoint the Chairman and Member of the same panel. On the basis of the "illegal" SRO, the FBR later referred the case to the cabinet to appoint the chairman and members of the authority.