India: 5-year-old girl arrested, accused in US embassy

A 5-year-old girl has been arrested on suspicion of rape inside a US embassy building in Indian city of New world ahmed
 India: 5-year-old girl arrested, accused in US embassy

According to Indian police, the girl's parents work at the US Embassy cleaning and the girl was playing outside the house on the day that the accused slipped her into the staff's residence and abused her.current world news

According to sources, the local driver involved in the incident has been arrested, while the father of the accused is also employed by the US Embassy.current world news

Medical tests have proven to be abusive to the girl, but the identity of the accused has not been disclosed, sources have claimed that the accused was still working at the embassy after the abuse.

The US Embassy says on this issue, as soon as they learned of the incident, prompt action was taken, reports were made to the police and full cooperation was also being made with the police in this regard.

Sources say the accused could be sentenced to death if convicted.