India does not consider Pakistan's nuclear capability a threat: Lt Gen (R) Khalid Qaddai

London (Murtaza Ali Shah) Retired senior Pakistani general addressed India and said that he did not consider Pakistan's nuclear capability to be a mere threat, if war was imposed, Pakistan had all options to protect its geographical and ideological world ahmed
 India does not consider Pakistan's nuclear capability a threat: Lt Gen (R) Khalid Qaddai

Lieutenant General (R) Khalid Qadwai, who is also the Director General of the Strategic Plans Division, organized the South Asian Strategic Stability: Deterrence, Deterrence, organized by the International Institute of Strategic Studies and the Center for International Strategic Studies. Addressing the inaugural function of the workshop, he said that as a party to strategic stability in South Asia, Pakistan will fulfill its responsibility to maintain the required strategic balance with India in the traditional and nuclear equilibrium situation.

He spoke in depth about the strategic positions of both India and Pakistan in the event of further tension between the two enemy neighbors.current world news

He added that if Pakistan had allowed imbalances in this strategic equation, South Asia would have been more serious strategic instability. As a result, India's historically sustained and tireless campaign for territorial domination has had devastating consequences, particularly due to India's current irrational, unstable and violent internal and external policies.

Indian Prime Minister Modi has recently made an offensive statement announcing the construction of a huge temple at the demolished site of the Babri Masjid. This statement has angered many Muslims who consider the Indian government of the BJP primarily anti-Muslim.

Earlier, the irresponsible statements of the Indian Army Chief have increased tensions between the two nuclear armed nations that have fought many wars in the past.current world news

According to General Qadwai, while preparing operational plans, Indian planners deliberately forget Pakistan's nuclear capability and nuclear power, I hope they will not consider Pakistan's nuclear capability merely a threat. We will continue to go from one crisis to another unless a third party intervenes, as happened last year.

This is a very unpleasant situation. Talking about Pakistan's response to any Indian aggression, General Qadwai said that in a limited conflict, Pakistan's policy will be filled with what you will do, which clearly states that we are aggression. Will not take any action

General Qadwai said that Indian media has misled its strategic planners. Rahul Rai, head of the South Asian program at IIS, told The News and War it was a thought-provoking and policy-driven conversation that was highlighted by an extraordinary keynote address by Lieutenant General (Retd) Kadai.

The workshop was also addressed by Lieutenant General Amir Riaz, Dr. Hassan Askari Rizvi, Brigadier Nadeem Ahmed Salk, Desmond Boonsfar, Ali Sarwar Naqvi, Brigadier Zahid Kazmi, Saima Aman Sial and Sir Lawrence Friedman.