Indonesia: Bat soup is still in use

In Indonesia, bats that cause the outbreak of the deadly Corona virus are still being used in Indonesia in most countries around the world ahmed
 Indonesia: Bat soup is still in use

According to the Good News Agency, on the one hand, research has revealed that the Corona virus has transmitted from bats to humans, while Indonesian people continue to use it without any fear.

Corona virus spread bats soup, eating mice current world news

According to media reports, this tribe is known and traditionally known for its bats in the Minahasa tribe, located in the northern part of the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

In this tribe, these hardy years are called 'Panaki'. This year the whole bats are used in cooking ingredients from head to toe.current world news

Corona virus can infect more than half of the world, scientists warn

A batsman in the Indonesian city of Manado says the Corona virus spread has not affected its sales, as it has always been.

How does bats survive with numerous viruses?

Bats retailer Stanley told the foreign news agency that they sell 50 to 60 bats a day in this market on a normal day, but when a festival arrives, their sales increase significantly and sales of 500 to 600 bats a day. Are current world news

Bats soup specialist William Wangsoo says the local residents of South Sulawesi are the best source of protein, he said, adding bats have their favorite thing.current world news

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It may be recalled that the Corona virus spread from a market in Wuhan, China, has killed 1,113 people in China so far, while the number of victims has been 44,653....