Insufficient for the Prime Minister's Relief Program of 4,000 Utility Stores for 22 million people

LAHORE (Naseem Qureshi) The number of utility stores across Pakistan is 4,000 which is insufficient to meet the needs of the 22 million people and to end the inflation of Azam Khan and provide relief to the people, running at a deficit of Rs 8 billion. Due to this, many utility stores were closed, while the government planned to open 50,000 new Youth stores and bring thousands of jobs to control inflation.

According to sources, Utility Stores Corporation is the largest public sector stores in Asia, but for the last five years, Utility Stores Corporation has been in a loss of Rs 13 billion and on April 14, 2014, it was given by the then Government to Utility Stores Corporation. Stopping subsidies created a crisis.

Utility Stores Corporation supplying companies and contractors had close supply of Rs 13 billion due to the pending closure of the stores, which closed 25 to 30 stores in Lahore in the provincial capital and around 1200 to 1500 in the whole of Pakistan. Were.

A senior corporation official, on condition of anonymity, said that in the past, utility stores corporation was facing severe crisis and deficit, the corporation was in a deficit of Rs 13 billion during the last 5 years, 2013-2018, while in the same period, the corporation had other responsibilities. The amount owed to the companies was Rs 8 world ahmed
 Insufficient for the Prime Minister's Relief Program of 4,000 Utility Stores for 22 million people

He said that the corporation's losses were mentioned several times by the then MD.

 Similarly, an official of the Utility Stores Corporation's Admin Directorate, speaking on condition of anonymity, said hundreds of stores were closed from across the country due to the government's negligence and supply chain balance, while the stores were closed. With a little attention he could not only walk, but also help increase government revenue.current world news

The aforementioned officer also claimed that not only has the government proposed to operate closed stores yet, no strategy has been made to increase the number of stores.current world news

The officer also believes that only 25 to 30 stores are closed in the provincial capital while around 1200 to 1500 stores are located all over Pakistan.

Contributing to the war, Utility Stores Corporation Coordinator Mohammad Murtaza said that the subsidy subsidy that the corporation received in April 2014 had been eliminated, gradually increasing our deficit.

Many stores closed, but more were relocated to a place where they could perform better, he said.

Mohammed Murtaza acknowledged the current number of utility stores, saying that these stores were inadequate for the public but he also said that the existing stores were giving relief to the public.