Interestingly, Karachi has been spared, Chief Justice Sindh government, mayor bruised

Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed, while expressing his resignation to the Karachi government and Sindh government on the petition for restoration and elimination of encroachments, gave remarks as to what you and your people have done in the interest of Karachi. Wearing suits, sitting in offices, not ready to go out, come here and tell stories, why not beautify the city news world ahmed

A three-member bench of the Supreme Court comprising Justice Faisal Arab and Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, headed by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed in the Karachi Registry, heard various cases including 'restoration and removal of encroachments in the original form of Karachi'.current world news

Chief Justice Pakistan ordered the Advocate General to read Article 140 of the Constitution, what you are doing is not a violation of the Constitution? People got something? Everything went in your pocket.current world news

Justice Gulzar Ahmed said in remarks that you are sitting in the office wearing suits, not ready to go out, come here and tell stories of the World Bank, the bank, when was the last time you came out? Have you seen any roads?

Expressing gratitude to the municipality, Chief Justice Pakistan said that you will be the ladli of anybody but there is no ladli here.

Chief Justice of Pakistan during the hearing said that this is a case of Article 6 You are breaking the Constitution, why not bring the report from the Chief Minister, why not work? If not working with the mayor, send them home, why are they kept? Karachi is not a village.

Justice Gulzar said in the remarks that Karachi was once a private land of Pakistan, did you spit it out in the interest of the people of Karachi, entire parks, cemeteries and relief plots have disappeared.

On the occasion, Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar said in the court that you had ordered the Sindh government to hold a meeting on controversial issues. Despite several reminders, no action was taken. We get Rs 7 billion in salaries and bills.current world news

The court asked Mayor Karachi that you have made the roads? Where is the road made? On this, Wasim Akhtar replied that the streets of Nazimabad have been built in small streets. The Chief Justice remarked that there are no small streets in Nazimabad, present record, how many roads have been made?

During the hearing, a woman complained in court that the same road was broken three times, on which the Chief Justice said that people in your city were saying that nothing was made.

Chief Justice of Pakistan remarked that if Karachi is to run, show it to run, don't tell parrot stories.