Is US citizenship printed only? Wowda's dubious educational credentials, tax payment lies, fake marriage contract

ISLAMABAD: Ever since The News revealed that Faisal Wowda had concealed his US citizenship while contesting elections, it is now in the public's knowledge. However, he did not just lie about his dual citizenship. His educational credentials are also world ahmed
 Is US citizenship printed only? Wowda's dubious educational credentials, tax payment lies, fake marriage contract

He had previously claimed to be a graduate of the American University, but his papers nominations show that he has just done nothing. In addition to the dubious educational credentials, the alleged former wife of the federal minister has made some serious allegations of forgery.

Wowda was sent a detailed questionnaire on February 17 about his bachelor's degree, his tax records, and allegations of forgery. He was repeatedly reminded of this questionnaire but did not respond.

Faisal Wowda faces criminal charges under Articles 63 (1) (C) and 62 (1) (F) for concealing his dual citizenship and taking an oath regarding his US citizenship. Islamabad High Court will hear his dual citizenship case today (Monday). To know whether concealing and swearing a dual citizenship is Wowda's only malicious act?

The News thoroughly investigated and found surprising contradictions regarding their claims regarding education credentials and income tax. In one case, Wowda solicited claims that he had a bachelor's degree from the University of New Port America.

His nomination papers, however, show that he has done nothing. He claimed before the court that in 2009 he paid Rs 5.16 million tax. However, no such record is shown in FBR's online data.

Faisal Wowda Construction tax records in 2009 show that they paid zero tax. Similarly, Woda has faced some serious allegations through her ex-wife, who claimed that she had never married Woda and that the federal minister had prepared a fake marriage contract to defame her.

Wowda presented the documentary evidence of his marriage to the Family Court with his alleged ex-wife to prove her claim.

They presented the marriage certificate of the former wife with her ex-husband and also the marriage contract between himself and his wife. Wowda informed Family Court that within a few months of marrying her, the ex-wife reunited with her ex-husband.

However, there is no record of Khilafah between Faisal Woda and his former wife. Here, the question arises how can she be reunited with her first husband if Wowda has not consummated the abortion through a khalid?

Can she legally remarry with her first husband's marriage certificate (KHALA) or without divorcing her second husband (VODA)? On February 02, 2011 Faisal Woda filed a criminal bail application number 143 against the Sindh High Court against the state.

Wowda, in her affidavit, stated that she was a highly educated person who received a bachelor's degree from Newport University USA. Under the Minister's oath, foreign education itself is denied.

On June 11, 2018, he nominated his papers to the Election Commission of Pakistan where he wrote in the education column that he had done nothing wrong. The minister was contacted to inquire into the matter, but he did not respond.

In the same bail plea, Wowda claimed to prove himself an exemplary businessman, saying that he paid Rs 51 lakh, 69 thousand and 308 rupees in income tax alone in 2009. However, the FBR's online tax data shows no tax records of Faisal Wowda in 2009.

Even the tax records of Faisal Wowda Construction show Zero Taxes during the year 2009. Wowda was contacted to ask this question, but he did not respond.

Even more serious were the allegations made by his ex-wife, who took them to court, claiming that Woda had fabricated a fake marriage contract. The case was filed in Karachi Family Court and the two sides made serious allegations against each other.