Justice Qasim's name passed for Chief Justice of Lahore High Court

ISLAMABAD: The parliamentary committee on Tuesday approved the appointment of a Judicial Commission of Pakistan to appoint Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan as the Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court, after some opposition by the government world ahmed
 Justice Qasim's name passed for Chief Justice of Lahore High Court

Justice Syed Mazhar Ali Naqvi will move to the Supreme Court after the development of Justice Qasim Khan.

After the retirement of Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, Justice Naqvi will fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court. It is coincidental that Justice Asif Saeed Khosa along with Justice Saqib Nisar was promoted to the Supreme Court in 2010. When the then Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry wanted to retain Justice Muhammad Sharif as Chief Justice of Lahore High Court despite opposition from the then PPP government.current world news

According to sources familiar with the meeting, the PTI MPs initially resisted the nomination. He was of the view that the Parliamentary Committee should act carefully in this matter. However, opposition members overruled during the proceedings, which resulted in endorsement by the Judicial Council.current world news

Government members at the meeting wanted Justice Qasim Khan to be interviewed first, but the opposition opposed the proposal. He was of the view that this step should be taken when appointing new judges. The first exercise took place last December when the committee approved the three names recommended by the Judicial Council in the Islamabad High Court. Which was given to all.

One of the objections of the government members over the appointment of Chief Justice Lahore High Court was that ISI did not report them. The opposition rejected the objection and took the stand that not reporting the matter did not mean that Justice Qasim Khan had been disqualified.

The opposition also said the agency was already aware of the issue. If there was an object, she would have pointed it out already. Therefore, the absence of an object is the NOC. Ali Mohammad Khan, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, who heads the committee on the appointment of judges.

He confirmed the nomination of the new chief justice but did not comment on the objection made initially. He said that since the meeting was secret, he could not give any opinion.

Former Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry made a judicial commission rubber stamp through a court order that if the parliamentary committee did not consider the names recommended within 14 days, they would be approved.current world news

Under the amending rules, the Committee has the power to ask the recommended candidates for interview. If he does not appear, his appointment as a judge will be canceled.

The committee cannot reject the appointments approved by the Judicial Council unless it is done by a three-fourths majority. According to Article 175 (12) of the Constitution, the recorded reasons must also be stated.

Even in this case, the new nomination by the Judicial Council may be re-sent in the same name, explaining the reasons provided by the committee.