Karachi bride raped for husband taking amusement

Lahore: Representative Karachi woman was gang-raped for taking her husband's world ahmed

Karachi resident Maryam came to Punjab to get her husband on the road but was subjected to mass abuse.

Six suspects have been subjected to mass abuse and thrown into a Johar Town area by injecting intoxicants on condition of absence.current world news

Upon seeing the woman lying in a state of paralysis on the side of the road, the passer-by informed the police on which the police rushed her to the hospital for immediate medical attention.

The woman told police that her name was Maryam and she was a resident of Karachi.

Six persons were gang-raped at the camp and later the accused were brought to Lahore by injection of drugs and continued to be abused here.current world news

Police registered a case against the victim's request.