Karachi: Kidnapped girl rescued by beggar

Police recovered a half-month-old baby girl in the Perabad area of ​​ world ahmed
 Karachi: Kidnapped girl rescued by beggar

According to police, a half-month-old girl was abducted from her home in North Nazimabad yesterday when Shahab's wife, a resident of North Nazimabad, was alone in the house.

Lahore, kidnapped child's body recovered from neighbor's box

Meanwhile, a begging woman came to the door of the house and asked for water. The mother of the girl came back with water and the girl and the beggar were missing.

According to the police, the father of the girl reported to the police station, after which the police raided various areas with the help of CCTV video.current world news

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Police searched the girl in Sharia Noor, where the girl was found missing.