Lived in garage, used to work overtime', Dharmendra

Bollywood senior actor Dharmendra says that when he came to Mumbai to step into the world of film, he had to stay in a garage because of lack of accommodation and had to work in a drilling firm to fill his stomach. He used to work overt
 Lived in garage, used to work overtime', Dharmendra
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According to Indian media, senior Bollywood actor Dharmendra went on a guest appearance at a show where a video by the show administration showed the actor's struggle to make his career in the film world.

According to Indian media, Dharmendra became obsessed with watching videos of the struggle of the early days of his film career.current world news

"When I came to Mumbai from my village, I used to live in a garage because I didn't have a house to live in," he said.current world news

"To survive and to satisfy my appetite, I worked at a drilling firm where I was paid 200 rupees a month but often worked overtime for money," said Dharmendra.

The video shown in the Indian show also showed the bridge in the village of Dharmendra where he used to go after school, the Indian actor said, 'I dreamed of going to that bridge and coming to Mumbai.'current world news

Dharmendra said, "Every time I go to that bridge today, I say to that bridge, Dharmendra, you have become an actor."

On the other hand, Dharmendra's grandson Kiran Devol has recently stepped into Bollywood, while Dharmendra was asked which of his habits would you not like to give to your grandson, Karan Devol? So Dharmendra said to him, "I will tell my grandson that he did not drink alcohol."

It should be noted that Dharmendra is one of the most famous and senior Bollywood actors. His famous films include 'Shule', 'Sita and Gita', 'Flower and Stone' and 'Anupama' while his two sons Sunny Devol and Bobby Deol is also a famous Bollywood actor.