PM's film poster tweeted by former wife Jemima

Prime Minister Imran Khan's film poster tweeted by ex-wife Jemima, The film poster shows new wife Bashari Bibi in the background of Imran world ahmed
 PM's film poster tweeted by former wife Jemima

The poster shows a crystal ball near the hands of humanity Bibi, which says 'How did you spell it'? Jemima made hilarious emojis by translating Urdu captions into English; who doesn't like poster of Lallywood current world news

In a commentary on Prime Minister Imran Khan's film style poster, Jemima Gold Smith has written that a friend in Lahore has identified this red Hollywood poster.

In a poster tweet, Jemima said, "Nobody wants to be ridiculed. Like most of you, I find it funny, Pakistani movie posters, street art and truck art."

In the film poster, Imran Khan's background shows the new wife of Bashari Bibi, while the poster also depicts Jemima in a white shirt and dupatta. Imran Khan's second wife, Reham Khan, was not shown.current world news

It should be noted that Jemima was Imran Khan's first wife while Reham was the second wife who separated.