Protests erupted in India ahead of Trump's visit

New Delhi (Net News) There are strong protests against the Modi government and controversial citizenship bill in other cities including Delhi and Aligarh in the Indian world ahmed
 Protests erupted in India ahead of Trump's visit

According to details, US President Donald Trump's visit to India has become a headache for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The odor of the city was hidden by erecting a wall, but political odor is pervading the streets.current world news

As Trump's arrival nears, protests across the country, including Delhi, have sparked out. Two hundred women started protesting against the Citizenship Bill on Saturday night in Delhi's Mojpur area. To respond to the rally, BJP extremists came in and started throwing stones at the protesters, after which the capital became a battleground.current world news

Delhi police used tear gas and baton charge against the protesters while the army was summoned. In view of the situation, the metro stations have also been closed.

Meanwhile in Aligarh, police used force to disperse protesters. Aligarh's women continued to sit outside the police station for not allowing permission to protest. Police used force to disperse the former governor. Meet.

On the appeal of the Dalit organization Bhim Army, protests are underway for citizenship bills and lower caste quotas in various parts of India, including Maharashtra.