PTI government's steady rise in sugar prices, analysts

Karachi (TV report) Hosting in Geo's program "Today with Shahzib Khanzada", Shahzib Khanzada, while presenting the program, said that the price of sugar has increased steadily in the PTI world ahmed
 PTI government's steady rise in sugar prices, analysts

The price of this season was based on the price of sugar, though the price was cheaper, Jahangir Tareen and the ministers' answers are raising more questions, Khalid Mehmood Khokhar, the head of the Farmer's Alliance, said while talking to the program. The highest recovery is in Rahim Yar Khan, where all the shows of Jahangir Tareen are.

Host Shahzib Khanzada said that after continuous increase in prices of flour and sugar demanded action, the opposition accused Jahangir Tareen and Khusro Bakhtiar, government leaders claimed that Imran Khan would not leave his friends, prices Will account for the increase.current world news

Regular investigations will be conducted and it will be clear whether Imran Khan's friends and government partners are involved or not, Prime Minister Imran Khan met Jahangir Tareen.

Jahangir Tareen said that the Prime Minister has sent him to defend the media so he is defending the rise in sugar prices in his interviews, the answers of Jahangir Tareen and other government ministers are raising more questions.

Jahangir Tareen said that the increase in the price of sugar has benefited the farmer as the farmer is getting up to Rs 250 per sugarcane. The price he is talking about Jahangir Tarn is not the average rate. These rates are from the current season, which made the Chinese market in December, but the price of sugar has been increasing since last year, last season, the price of sugarcane was Rs 180, said Jahangir Tare himself.current world news

Until December, it was in the Chinese market that the price of sugarcane was paid at Rs 180 per minute and it was a surplus of sugar, but the price of sugar was increased on the basis of the price of sugarcane.

According to data on the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics website, sugarcane crushing is zero in November 2019 ie Sugar Mills did not start making sugar this season.