PTI took over and handled the situation, Pervaiz Elahi

LAHORE (TV Report): Speaker Punjab Assembly and Leader of the Muslim League (Q) Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has said that he will not give up his rights; Imran Khan is an honest man. He wants the government to go, PTI advises to handle the situation. And he himself, he promised to give 2,2% ministries in Punjab and federal, do not know who is destroying our world ahmed
 PTI took over and handled the situation, Pervaiz Elahi

Our whole support is still with Usman Bazdar but everyone knows that Punjab is not delivering at this time, our doubts have changed in confidence when the new committee is formed, think a thousand times before making a decision because after taking a decision. Taking him back makes a difference on his reputation, he is the Prime Minister.current world news

An interviewer said that we have five members of the National Assembly who announced the schemes in their area but now the new committee has stopped releasing the money.

Speaker Punjab Assembly said that I have met Imran Khan 3 times in a year and a half, this government is not as united as Zardari was.current world news

He said that we have made it clear to the government that we do not want another ministry at the center; the issue of the ministry of Mons Divine has been negatively propagated. There has also been an attempt to create dissension in the party and the ministries found in Punjab. I have no choice; after every three months the secretary is changed in the ministries of Punjab.

Regarding the administrative changes in Punjab, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi said that 50 IG and Chief Secretary in Punjab were not obliged to us. Not being delivered to Punjab, Pune has been undergoing Punjab experience for over 2 years.current world news