Rana Sana case, filed 3 petitions rejected

Special Anti-Drug Court rejects judgment on three petitions against PML-N leader Rana Sanaullah and adjourned the case till March 7 for world ahmed
 Rana Sana case, filed 3 petitions rejected

A petition was filed in the court by Rana Sana and 2 by the prosecutor who has been rejected.

The two petitions filed by Rana Sanaullah included a request to provide footage, as well as a request for submissions of a vehicle, which was rejected by the court.

The third rejected request was from the prosecutor, who was asked to hear the case on a daily basis, and the court rejected it as well.current world news

Earlier, the anti-drug court judge had given remarks that the parties' arguments had been completed, and they would hear the verdict today, while Rana Sanaullah's lawyer requested the case be adjourned for a month.current world news

Judge Shakir Hassan heard the Rana Sanaullah case in the Special Drug Court, while the Nun Ligi leader completed his presence in the special court.

If I have a video against me, bring me to the house, Rana Sana

The prosecutor said in court that we have requested Rana Sanaullah to be heard on a daily basis. The Fazal Judge remarked that the arguments of the lawyers of both sides have been completed and I will hear the judgment today.

ANF ​​declares Rana Sana's release disappointing

Rana Sanaullah's lawyer Farhad Ali Shah requested the court to adjourn the case for a month and told the court that there are elections of the High Court Bar. The court has requested that the date be given after February 29.

Rana Sana's bail does not mean innocent, paradox lover

Advocate Rana Sanaullah said that there are more cases in this court. Does the prosecution not hurry in these cases, only in Rana Sanaullah case?

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The prosecution replied that Rana Sanaullah alleged that the prosecution was using delayed tactics. We want the trial to be speedy.current world news