Rana Sanaullah publicly condemns the execution

Rana Sanaullah, leader of the PML-N, says the resolution passed yesterday is a scourge by Allah, publicly condemning the world ahmed
 Rana Sanaullah publicly condemns the execution

Talking to media in Lahore, Rana Sanaullah said that they were creating bitterness and hatred in the society. This will not be possible in years. would be nice.

Talking about the case, he said that 10 special prosecutors have been hired in this court, Rs 6 crore has been paid fees, information is not being given. Was.

Rana Sana said, "There is no doubt, both the former and the current judge, both the judges are duty-bound officers, the special court has the tragedy that the government can change the judge, we are fighting for justice and we will win." Courts are getting justice, innocent people are being released daily.current world news

Rana Nisanullah said that Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Hamza Shahbaz and all others will be guaranteed. In illegal cases, people will come out of jail.current world news

He said that it is a shame if the state itself filed a wrong case against the plaintiff, Imran Khan becomes the head of the state of Madinah where justice should be told.

Rana Sanaullah said that holding midterm elections does not support interim setup.

He said that the government is trying not to demand video from them. We will not let the government run away.current world news

Nun Ligi leader said that a baseless case has been made against Maryam Nawaz. She is currently out on bail. Under the administrative order, she does not have the right to stop anybody. Yes, their name is illegal in the ECL.

Rana Sana said, "We want the entire opposition to be trusted, the opposition will form a joint strategy, Maulana, Bilawal and we all sit together and work together."

He said that the Prime Minister's ATM has put millions of dacoits on the pockets of the people, costing the dough, taking the worst revenge with the people.