Ready to make a PSL anthem, Ali Zafar

Pakistan's leading singer Ali Zafar says that if the people of Pakistan jointly want me to make a song of PSL, I am ready to try it because for them too life is world ahmed
 Ready to make a PSL anthem, Ali Zafar

Ali Zafar's video statement after the PSL opening ceremony

It is to be remembered that the mistakes made during the inaugural ceremony of the Season Five of the Pakistan Super League are the anthem of the current season of PSL. The video was delivered via message.

Ali Azmat and Ali Zafar are both face to face in the battle of anthem, but in a show yesterday, Ali Zafar said on Ali Azmat's statement, "I cannot dislike any song, I have no such power." To get people's attention.current world news

PSL 5: Cricket fans remember Ali Zafar

On the host's question whether the PCB would tell him if he would make a song, nothing could be done to the wishes of the people. Ali Zafar said that it should be formally so, but if people say that I do my best I will try because people are the ones who made me a star.

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He also said that you should take public opinion correctly because they do not want any of their actions to upset the people.

The host suggested that Ali Zafar have a 'pool' before the people would come to a unanimous opinion and Ali Zafar would also have time to think for 24 hours.

'Ready to make a PSL anthem'
Ali Zafar's statement has sparked a wave of cheers among his fans since the video message of Ali Zafar, so much so that he has been featured on Pakistan's Twitter trend panel.

Customers enjoy this naughty video message as well as they themselves.

Responding to a user's tweet, he also made a hilarious tweet about Ali Azmat's alleged purchase of cow bloggers and said, "Have you got the money?"

Irfan says that he has neither sang nor performed in the PSL, yet being in the number one position in the trend is proof that Pakistanis love him.

Ali Zafar's response to PSL 5's criticism

It should be remembered that in response to the criticism of PSL's Season Five song, Ali Zafar's statement was also highly responsive.

It should be noted that singer Ali Zafar sang the official song of the first edition of PSL, 'Now playing' in 2016, the second song of PSL's official song 'Now playing the game' in 2017 while PSL. The third anthem of the third edition of 'Sing to the Heart' was sung in 2018.

In the voice of Ali Zafar, all these PSL songs were loved by fans.