The government has so far failed to control inflation, analysts said  

KARACHI (TV report) The host in the GeoK program "Today with Shahzib Khanzada" said in its analysis that the government has so far failed to control world ahmed
 The government has so far failed to control inflation, analysts said  

Economist Akbar Zaidi said Imran Khan, who has been in the government for a year and a half, should know what lobbyists are working for.

 Economist Akbar Zaidi said that the direct cause of the uncertainty in the economy is not mafias, Imran Khan has been in the government for a year and a half, he should know which lobbies are working, the prime minister will be responsible for the mafia. The government's only agenda was to reduce the current account deficit in which it succeeds, and it has no interest.current world news

The government did not say anything about inflation, unemployment, a 20 to 25 percent increase in food and drink, and the mafias could tell those who were not working.

Akbar Zaidi said that the government was not in the mood to achieve any economic target from the beginning. The Prime Minister calls the year 2020 as development year. This year, the growth rate will not be more than 2.2. While the economy and employment will increase, there are talk of increasing the salaries of MPs in the Senate by two percent, making it clear that the government is neither interested nor aware of the economy.

Journalist Khurram Hussain said that if you look at the data, there is no mafia responsible for the economic uncertainty; the Prime Minister is talking about the Mafia because of the wheat crisis. Yes, if the Prime Minister believes that the mafias are behind the inflation, then why the government, like the previous governments, has failed to control the mafias.

Khurram Hussain said that it is not correct for the government to say that the increase in prices of food items is a price shock. What is the price shock that has been going on since November but is catching more momentum? The effects of the price-fixing support of Nashik are yet to come; every minister is acting on his own, but nowhere is leadership visible, without leadership it will not be possible to move towards growth.current world news

Host Shahzib Khanzada presented the program and said that the situation of uncertainty is still in place after the economy has stabilized. The PTI government has so far failed to control the inflation. At the highest level, the expectations of the State Bank, the Ministry of Finance and the economic analysts are set aside and the inflation rate seems to be breaking record one after another.

The most alarming thing is the inflation rate, which is more than 14.6 per cent of food items, compared to the urban areas which saw an increase in the inflation rate in rural areas, which is a worrying thing in an agricultural country like Pakistan. Is.

In January, food inflation remained at 19.5 per cent in urban areas and 23.8 per cent in rural areas, raising the question of how poor people will spend, criticizing the government for oil, gas and IMF programs. The rise in electricity prices is costly, but stockists and mafias are also taking full advantage.current world news

The Prime Minister repeatedly claims to fight mafias, but the result seems to benefit the mafias, with such high interest rates, there is no possibility of investment and economic development in the country, the Prime Minister calls 2020 a year of development. But with no inflationary control, there is no hope.

The contribution of gold imports is not increasing, while tax revenues are far below the target, the tax revenue numbers of January show a disappointing situation, the government's tax collection target was Rs 5,238 billion but it is not possible to achieve it. ۔

100 billion less than the target in January, after which the tax shortfall has reached Rs 387 billion in the first seven months. Shortfall is expected to increase in the next five months.

Shahzib Khanzada said Imran Khan was only giving numbers to explain the performance of previous governments, the loan of PTI has increased by 40% in fifteen months.