The real question from the ministers

The PTI government currently has twenty-five federal ministers, five ministers and five advisers. The ministers and advisers of the provinces are in addition to this, the entire machinery of the government will hear only one thing, namely the discrimination against the previous governments and their helplessness. The cry of news world ahmed
 The real question from the ministers

Thieves, robbers, robbers, and other merciless words and merchandise are a blatant noise of accent that is not absent in any scheme of public welfare or thought.

Journalists and anchors also do not ask any minister about his ministry, for example, what is needed for the climate change minister Zartaj Gul to ask about the flour flour and he also wisely told that we have milk and Honey streams have shed.current world news

They need to ask why Pakistan is the fifth most polluted country in the world, why every citizen of Pakistan's second largest city of Lahore is losing five years of his life and how he is losing his country. What diseases are the citizens feeling due to brick kilns and chimney smoke spreading in the dimensions of and how many ounces of plastic are consumed daily? And what are you doing to improve air pollution?

If the Minister for Information and Broadcasting Firdous Ashiq Awan is present to represent the government, why is it necessary to always discuss Sheikh Rasheed when the economy is up and the tomatoes expensive? Shouldn't it be a straightforward question that you have tried for the betterment and development of the railways over the last 18 months? How can it be avoided in the coming train's bloody accidents and why don't you resign yourself to failure?

How many hundred miles of new railroad tracks have you laid, have you endured bribery in the Railway Department and the practice of recruiting merit? Ask your Law and Justice Minister Frogh Naseem what steps your ministry has taken to provide justice to the people and why lawlessness is at its peak from Khyber to Karachi, you have to go to the judiciary, the police department and the justice department. How are other institutions committed to delivering justice?

Faisal Wowda is the Federal Minister for Water Resources. He should be asked what steps you took to tackle the growing water shortage in Pakistan, what new plans he made, also what were the new dams projects.current world news

External Affairs Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi should only be asked what is your personal or your ministry's performance in eighteen months. India abolished the special status of Occupied Kashmir; 20 to 25 thousand people staged a protest in London before the Indian High Commission But why even five thousand people could not gather together on this issue in Pakistan till today, why is the government acting solely to issue a condemnation statement? Fawad Chaudhry should be asked what revolution he has brought to his ministry of science and technology.

What has Zabida Jalal done to Defense Production and Fahmida Mirza in her own field because whenever these people come to the media, they do nothing but criticize their opponents. Has anyone seen and heard that Pervez Khattak has ever talked about defense or defense plans?

Journalists and anchors also ask just about every minister political questions. Now, Omar Ayub is the Minister of Power and Petroleum and Mian Mamdo Soomro Privatization. What is the need to ask him about the flour crisis and sugar prices?

The situation is that no one takes up the case of a steel mill anymore, the happy slogans of one million jobs and five million houses have also been told. The promises of making Prime Minister Hewes and Governor Hughes universities "Utopia" also proved, but the government minister is justifying everything in a negative way, and he has no answer. Not why the people sitting in the government are not being held accountable, the government is held hostage by the allies, all the energy has started to celebrate the interest groups, what are the people, what are their needs and problems, no one is concerned. no.

Whether it be the government or the opposition, one is worried about saving power and losing someone, but despite being on the same page of institutions, the destiny of the poor has not changed.

It is true that the fourth pillar of the state is also a wound due to government policies !! It is also true that the unconstitutional servant of the government is a mafia, a businessman who strikes against inflation and against straightforward government laws, even the mafia, lawyers and doctors, even the prime minister, who refuses to accept the prime minister. And the company will be called the Mafia itself.current world news

The media in question has also been given the mafia medal, but the media's job is still to question and the media has to do it anyway. To be done

It is the duty of the Minister to be responsible for the success and failure of his ministry, because Khan! The question will be. Why your governance is unsuccessful and every institution is falling, because media is the mirror of society and the media cannot hide the truth if the mirror is blurred.