The world can be damaged by a madman, Hassan Nisar, on a mountain of dynamite

Karachi (Central Monitoring Desk) Geo News' program 'According to me' host Shia Niazi asked senior analyst Hassan Nisar that UN's teeth and toes should be world ahmed
 The world can be damaged by a madman, Hassan Nisar, on a mountain of dynamite

Almost the same thing was repeated by the UN Secretary-General on February 19, Hassan Nisar said, adding that it is common sense that a person who takes a little too much care can understand that the world is on a mountain of dynamite. Sitting and a couple of lunatics can do a lot of damage and how is it possible that billions of trillions of weapons are available and despite that, it is difficult for us to remain.

It is important to get conscious nails and do something. Bilawal's statement that before Nawaz Sharif was also selected, Imran Khan said that Bilawal forgot his grandfather was also selected, Ayub Khan was called Daddy.current world news

If you have a picture of Benazir Income Support Program you are doing with your pocket, but the person who holds the capability will not allow them to apply their picture. What they have done from Oxford is not equal to Grace. Or Benazir had a little too much charisma. They destroyed the people with their performances. Now what will they do with their pictures?

The picture is in the hearts. While Imran Khan has said not to put my picture anywhere. Credit Suisse termed the Pakistani economy as stable, saying that as inflation mourned, it should be celebrated. What these institutions are doing will be in the language of the people.current world news

The same thing is not letting the opposition take over China. Referring to the distribution of the buffaloes, the candles and black-brown serpents in the country have no consciousness, they call the buffaloes and the goats as 'livestock', they are cattle and have been raising the people of the subcontinent. , Is a buffalo moving factory

۔ As much rubbish as Dasan Jones has picked up from the stadium, the slap on the face of this nation if this nation considers it when our nation knows that cleanliness is half faith. This woman does not object to misconduct. If the level of thinking of big politicians is so low here, then what can they say if they are an ordinary lady?