Where did the poisonous gas in the camaraderie come from? The problem could not be resolved

KARACHI (Report / Rafiq Bashir) Where the poisonous gas came from, how came, what is the source of the gas coming into the caravan, the reasons are unknown, the victims' blood, drinking water, sewage was taken, the report would come in a day. Locals say the poisonous gas leaked from a ship carrying a chemical, but a Karachi port spokesman strongly denied that the ship had leaked world ahmed
 Where did the poisonous gas in the camaraderie come from? The problem could not be resolved

The spokesman said that one of the hundreds of employees working in the port area was not affected, while the operation of the port remained normal, during which a ship came daily from the port and was anchored after the arrival of two ships. The poisonous gas affected only residential and commercial areas of Kemari.current world news

Spokesman Shariq Farooqi said that the presence of poisonous algae is being investigated. In addition to the blood samples of people in the affected area, speculative experts are also investigating the drinking water, sewage water and wastewater from the area. Are.

The report, which will come in one day, while victims of Karachi Port Trust are being provided with all kinds of services, are being treated at KPT Hospital for free.

Eight people, including two women, were killed in a poisonous gas emissions from Camari yesterday evening. After continuous efforts by the Karachi Port Trust and a team of experts, no reference was made to the "smell" of poison eel gas, while Federal Minister Ali Zaidi visited Karachi Port Trust berths current world news

The Federal Minister also visited the ship arriving in Seychelles about which unconfirmed rumors were circulating from Syria, the vessel of the port and the vessel were found safe, the port and crew are routinely engaged in their activities.current world news

Meanwhile, the investigating agencies are not looking into the matter. Karachi Port Trust chairman has denied that poisonous gas was leaked from any of the ships, locals say. Gas is not, but what is the source from which the poisonous gas leaked.

People say that it is a poisonous gas that makes it difficult to get science and that humans should die a few hours later, according to war survey, Chairman PT Rear Admiral Jamil Akhtar has approached Naval Commandant Karachi Rear Admiral Zahid Elias on the incident while the Navy. The Biological and Chemical Damage Control team is also constantly monitoring the situation.

According to the Air Quality Index, the quantity of toxic particles in the atmosphere of the city has risen to 208, according to the Air Quality Index. Karachi Port Trust Chairman Jamil Akhtar said while addressing a press conference on Monday. Trying to control the situation.

The news about the emissions from the port area is wrong; the movement of the vessels on KPT is going on a regular basis. If there is talk of toxic gas emissions from the ship, KPT employees are working in the port area. PTs and government agencies have offices that are all safe.