Who is that person? Jahangir Tareen's Media Complaint

Karachi: Tehreek-e-Insaf's Jahangir Tareen has said that there are 87 sugar mills in the country, of which only six are world ahmed
 Who is that person? Jahangir Tareen's Media Complaint

In an interview, Leader PTI Jehangir Tareen said that the opposition's media cell is a strong cause. The reason for the flour and sugar crisis is being heard so far. The issue is that the issue is not properly explained by our party in public. He said that the second major target after Imran Khan in the PML-N view is Jahangir Tareen. Is .

On the anti-media program, he said that somewhere on the media, there is a half against me, but there is a certain person who programs against me and it seems that he has a personal connection to me and that is probably the reason. Describing the reason that I had refused to go to his program and would never go again, he said, "When Imran Khan's divorce started with divorce, this story started from that time.current world news

At that time, this person programmed that Khan's divorce was due to me, Jehangir Tareen, whom I had openly talked to in this regard, and from day to day, he is constantly doing something against me now. The day before, I had a program against him and all the accusations he made were false and nonsense.current world news

Quoting sugar from Rs 55 to Rs 75 per kg, he said that a year ago it was Rs 55 but two years ago it was Rs 79 kg and this was stated by Khurram Dastagir in one of his tweets which Geo News has posted on his web site. On the site, he made it clear that it was 2016, then prices went down as we had high sugarcane consumption.

 My role in the sugar industry is that I do good work and also pay taxes. My income is in front of the public, the benefit of increasing the price of sugarcane is going to the sugarcane farmer, he said in response to a question. If anyone has an IB report, I ask that they bring out scenes that show exciting things in their program.

Regarding sugar, he added that if the sugar is kept, the bank has to pay 80 paise per kilo. Sugarcane cultivation has decreased by 30 to 40% in the last three years. This is why the people who are killed in the sugarcane have moved to maize, the maize is in the same areas where there is cotton.

The question that you have been criticized for, but your party did not defend what you are saying is that the media and the nation should respond to what Jahangir Tareen said, but this is a weakness in what I do. I can say, I also wanted to convince all the people that one thing and still I can do that you have given a good idea.

I told Usman Dar that he had mentioned it on the media which was also confirmed. Sindh has raised only one lakh tonnes of wheat in two months while 3 lakh tonnes are still lying near Pasco, Sindh government is not picking up.

Responding to a question, he said that Allah Almighty tests His servants.