Whose Case on IG Sindh Is Strong

Karachi (Mazhar Abbas) when the Supreme Court will hear the 2011 Karachi unrest case and will also consider delaying implementation of its decision on the transfer of IG Sindh, which has led to the suspension of police work and operational world ahmed
 Whose Case on IG Sindh Is Strong

This was the case that led to the operation against 'Lyari gang war' which led to MQM's alleged war operations in the light of intelligence reports, in which details of 'militant wings' of various political parties were submitted.current world news

As far as his designated IG Police Kaleem Imam is concerned, the Sindh Kakis is not as strong but when it comes to the appointment of the new Chief of the Provincial Police, Sindh's case is strong because Imran Khan senior grade 22 police officer Mehshat Mehr. Have approved the deployment of.

So why is it the delay which has caused a lot of anger and frustration in the department already? As far as the transfer of IG police is concerned, Sindh Governor, Imran Ismail, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah,

His problem with Murtaza Wahab and the IG police Sindh Kaleem Imam is that the problem is "overwhelmed" in the more relevant laws.current world news

Governor Ismail talked to me that the Mushtaq Meher Party was taken by 'three parties', which was chaired by the Prime Minister and attended by the Chief Minister.

He said, "Yes it is true that we agree on his name but the next day the matter was on the Federal Cabinet's agenda and he opposed the names of the Federal Ministers of the Sindh, who had been associated with the GDA and PTI.

The Prime Minister consulted with the Chief Minister and agreed to a new name, but the Chief Minister refused to comment on the matter and said that he could not do anything.

Governor Ismail denied that the federal government has so far given a name for the new IG, which it will now provide. Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah contacted me last week and clarified his position and said that he had already held meaningful consultations with the Prime Minister, this was done not only through letters but also in face to face meeting with the Governor. So did.

He said, "Last year was a meeting of the Council of Common Interest, so I requested the Prime Minister who he did not want to be a cleric imam and the federal government proposed his conversion name, which they accepted."

He further said that the Prime Minister's action was positive after the meeting of the Federal Cabinet. He said, "Now after the agreement, the Prime Minister is fulfilling his promise. Why should we blame the dispute for this?"

We cannot accept the name suggested by their allies in Sindh. ”When IG Sindh approached Kaleem Imam, he denied that he had practiced politics on his exchange. He said, "This is a ramification of Sindh and federalism.

In my meeting with the Prime Minister I asked him to release it, but with some respect because he did nothing wrong and his performance is a witness to himself. "

He added that some police powers have damaged the provincial elite. When anyone does an investigation, it turns out that it was a legal action or an illegal one. He said, "Yes, it was our fault that we chose them, but they did not meet our expectations." ""

The situation in law and order worsened in 2018 compared to 2018, with kidnappings increasing in Karachi and Shikarpur in Karachi. I asked why the Sindh government claims to have improved law and order situation.

He said, "There has been a surprising improvement in the last three years for which Rangers and other law enforcement agencies have taken a significant role." Granted that whatever name the Sindh Government proposes, they will agree on one of the three.