World's first Corona warning doctor killed by virus

Dr. Li Wen Liang, who warned the world about the outbreak of the Corona virus in China, died of the virus world ahmed
 World's first Corona warning doctor killed by virus

A foreign website quoted the Global Times as saying that the doctor had lost his life in Wuhan.

The doctor, Li Wen Liang, warned the world of the virus in December last year.

The person was first exposed to the virus while talking to a group of former medical school students on a messaging app vv chat.current world news

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He says some people from a local Wuhan market have come to him for treatment, having been diagnosed with a deadly virus such as severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

He also said that when these individuals were tested, they found a group of corona viruses that contain viruses such as SARS.current world news

The screenshot of their chatting started to spread rapidly on social media, the main reason being that the virus, called SARS, first surfaced in 2003, killing 800 people all over the world, including China.

Lee Wen Liang warned his friends during the chat that they should also inform their loved ones about the virus.

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He was upset when a screenshot of Dr. Li Wen Liang's chat with his name went viral on social media.

Talking to the US Broadcasting Agency in this regard, he said that when I saw him go viral on social media, I realized that the matter was now out of my control and I could be punished for spreading the news. ۔

Wuhan police later accused the doctor of spreading rumors in the city.

It should be noted that he was one of the few doctors who faced a police case for trying to warn the world of this deadly virus.

It is clear that more than 500 people have been killed in China since Corona virus, while more than 28,000 people are being treated.