Yasir Nawaz left the restaurant and opened the restaurant

Yasir Nawaz, a renowned actor of films and dramas, left Direction and opened a food restaurant in Clifton despite the success of Super Hit movie Rang world ahmed
 Yasir Nawaz left the restaurant and opened the restaurant

Interviewing Jang, the talented director and frozen actor Yasir Nawaz said, "I have completely abandoned the direction of the plays. I will definitely do a movie in a year."

He said that directing television dramas is a waste of time, there are more than a thousand scenes to shoot, I get tired of doing so much, which is why I decided to quit directing. And focus on acting.

Yasir Naz said that my identity is also acting, I have lost a lot of weight in terms of acting, I am busy making myself smart.current world news

Yasir Nawaz said that I will do a movie in the year, I am doing with my new film Everyday Pictures, there is no cast final yet.current world news

He said that the heroine will be Maur Hussain, I will not tell the name of the hero, I do not want a model hero like Danish Timor.

Yasir Nawaz revealed that the drama serial was presented to me before Nadeem Bag of You Ho Direction, I was forbidden from completing the script;

"I had bet on Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar completing the script," he said.

Responding to another question, Yasir Nawaz said that we have separated from producer Hassan Zia, there is no problem with them ending their friendship. Are making films.

Yasir Nawaz further said that I never thought about my future, if I got bored with acting then I would start directing again, I loved acting in Dil Mom's Diya.current world news

From childhood I was fond of good food, so I opened a restaurant, my partner is also an actor, his name is Kanwar Arsalan.