21 day partial curfew imposed in Corona, Saudi Arabia

Saudi King Salman ordered a partial curfew for 21 days from Syria this evening to prevent the Corona world ahmed
 21 day partial curfew imposed in Corona, Saudi Arabia

According to a foreign news agency, the curfew will continue for 21 days daily from 7am to 6pm in view of the spread of the Corona virus in Saudi Arabia.

In view of the global outbreak, several cases of the Corona virus have also surfaced in Saudi Arabia.

It should be noted that a few days ago, the Saudi government had also banned local flights and public transport in connection with the spread and prevention of Corona virus.

Essential movements in the country, which are not restricted to transferring patients from one place to another, while corona virus patients and medical staff were issued directives stating that the virus was transmitted to or from the hospital. Specific preventative clothing should be used.

The Saudi Interior Ministry said government agencies, local buses and taxis should comply with the ban otherwise penalties will be imposed.current world news