Ali Azmat also wants to be part of Ali Zafar's anthem

KARACHI: Ali Azmat, the lead singer of PSL's official anthem, has now accepted Ali Zafar's talent, following Ali Zafar's dance steps and expressing his desire to join his world ahmed
 Ali Azmat also wants to be part of Ali Zafar's anthem

On the micro-blogging site Twitter, Ali Zafar shared a statement from Ali Azmat on a private TV program in which Ali Azmat expressed his desire to be included in the new PSL anthem.

All preparations for Ali Zafar, a new anthem for frustrated fans with the official song of PSL, are complete, but waiting for Ali Azmat's dance steps to include them in the song's video.

Cricket fans have been vocal about the official release of PSL Season 5 with enthusiasm, as well as the PCB administration and singers, who were later nominated by singer-songwriter Ali Azmat. Ali Zafar was blamed for this.current world news

Ali Zafar, who made his debut in the first 3 seasons, messaged social media followers on Twitter with the hashtag Brothers present that the brother is coming, ready? With this message, he said that he was going to start his song on PSL soon. The song's lyrics begin with a blizzard when we exit.current world news