Among the top beneficiaries of sugar export

Jahangir is the most prominent among those benefiting from the export of sugar (Jawad Rizvi), while Noman Ahmed Khan, chairman of the Pakistan Sugar Mills Association Punjab, is also on the world ahmed
 Among the top beneficiaries of sugar export

According to official documents available, the Sugar Advisory Board expressed concern over the start of the crushing season due to an increase in sugar prices at its meeting in June 2019 with a cumulative reduction of 91.9 thousand metric tonnes, but no government authority exported sugar. No timely action was taken to prevent even the Sugar Advisory Board meeting, instead of dealing with the crisis, the chairman told the Pakistan Sugar Mills Association that the Chinese ambassador requested a Chinese sugar export quota for China if help was needed. Will go

According to the meeting of the prestigious Sugar Advisory Board held on June 20, 2019, PSMA Chairman further explained that sugar exports to China are 3 lakh metric tons and the remaining one lakh 17 thousand tonnes was proposed to be exported in the near future. On September 13, 2019, Chairman PSMA sought permission to export 4 million tonnes of sugar.

In 2018-19, the Economic Coordination Committee had already approved the export of 11.5 million tonnes of sugar, at which the Secretary of the Ministry of Industry and Production said it was not a good time for further export.current world news

According to official figures of sugar exports, Jahangir Tarn Group, the largest beneficiary of 783308 tonnes of sugar, exported 136621 metric tonnes of sugar from its factories.current world news

Besides, 111621 and 10 thousand tonnes from JDW Sugar Mills, ten thousand tonnes from Dharki Sugar Mills, 4 thousand tonnes from AKT Sugar Mills, one thousand tonnes from JK Sugar Mills, Noman Ahmed Khan recovered 104559 tonnes of sugar. Of these, 47325 tonnes from Almeez and 22348 tonnes, 34886 tonnes from Thaal Industries, 91041 tonnes from Hunza Mills, 58786 tonnes from Alliance Sugar Mills of Chaudhry Munir family, 72652 tonnes from Fatima Sugar Mills of Ahmed Mukhtar Late, Indus 2121 Sugar Mills from Darysh family. Khusro Bakhtiar and Hashim Johan Bakht recovered 24600 tonnes of sugar. Other sugar exporters include Farran Sugar Mills 20350 tonnes, Hussein Sugar Mills 19171 tonnes, Al Noor Sugar Mills 18800 tonnes, Sheikh Sugar Mills 17750 tonnes. N, Noon Sugar Mills 13353 Tons, Shah Men Sugar Mills 13186 Tons, Mehran Sugar Mills 10022 Tons, Joharabad Sugar Mills 9000 Tons, Hadid (Military) Sugar Mills 8758 Tons, SGM Sugar Mills 7570 Tons, Sindh Sugar Sugar Mills 5400 Tons, Mirpur Special Sugar Mills 5283 Tons, Popular Sugar Mills 4736 Tons, Habib Sugar Mills 4000 Tons, Albas Sugar Mills 4000 Tons, Tandianwala Sugar Mills 3150 Tons, Sanghar Sugar Mills 3000 Tons, Khairpur Sugar Mills 3000 Tons, Ranipur Sugar Mills 3000 Tons, Adam Sugar Mills 3525 Tons, Al Arabiya Sugar Mills 740 Tons, and Chashma Sugar Mills 296 Tons, Chairman PUSMA Punjab Noman Ahmed Khan told The News that if sugar is the largest exporter of sugar If songs are the biggest part of Jahangir, then what's wrong with that. He said other exporters should also be watching, which is producing more sugar than production. He said PISMA does not understand why there is so much noise in sugar prices.

The textile industry also imports and exports. If the sugar industry exports surplus produce to the country, what is wrong with that? He said that $ 7 million foreign exchange was obtained by exporting sugar.

He also said that the country may also have to import sugar in November, 2020. He added that as local prices improve, exports will start to slow down as no one wants to export sugar when local prices are getting good.

However, contrary to their claim, according to State Bank data, from October, 2018 to January 2020, $ 43 million worth of sugar was recovered. In October, 2018, $ 1.15 million worth of sugar was exported; $ 1.14 million in November, $ 71 million in December 2018, $ 21 million in January, 2019, $ 20 million in February 2019. 44 million 61 thousand dollars, 3 million 22 million dollars in March 2019, 3 million 22 million 70 thousand dollars in April 2019, 7 million 99 million 14 thousand dollars in May 2019, 3 million 90 million 41 thousand dollars in June 2019, 1 million in July, 2019 45 million 79 thousand dollars, 1 million 47 million 20 thousand dollars in August 2019, 5 million 60 million 72 thousand dollars in September 2019, 2 million 94 million 46 thousand dollars in October 2019, 1 million 94 million 16 thousand in November 2019 Dollars, december In 2019, sugar was recovered to the tune of $ 137.21 million and in January 2020, about $ 1.14 billion.