Arrest of Mirshiqel-ur-Rehman will cause notoriety in the world, analysts say

KARACHI (TV report) Host Vijiah Sani on the Geo program "Report Card" said that when the government banned freedom of expression in India, the Tehreek-e-Insaf's government termed it fascist, but today when living in its own country We have questioned whether the government has taken any stand so far, whether the government and NAB's move will bring disgrace to the global world, analysts say, Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman. The arrests will lead to worldwide world ahmed
 Arrest of Mirshiqel-ur-Rehman will cause notoriety in the world, analysts say

NAB has committed atrocities, broken its law, broke its rules and procedures, the government cannot tolerate any kind of criticism. They do not matter, because this is not the point. You talk about India. Why do you forget that under Imran Khan, Hitler and Mussoloni are nowhere in the shores because their examples are very important in blackmail. Is a global system.

Analyst Karshad Bhatti said, "We agree that you did not block the Geo News broadcast. You did not put the next number on the numbers, but you can do it if this is not the case."

The arrest of Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman will lead to worldwide disgrace. Everybody is accountable here. Everybody is subject to the constitution and law. Everybody is responsible. If a politician is caught and asked, it will not endanger democracy. If caught, the economy cannot be jeopardized. If a bureaucrat is caught, the bureaucracy cannot be in danger. If a journalist is caught, then journalism cannot be jeopardized.current world news

 This attitude is also wrong. If you are tight with NAB, turn off Tonya, no one is FIA, then terminate FIA. If someone dislikes an institution, close it.

In the case of Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman case, the NAB has committed atrocities. Is Jung and Geo taking any land from Nawaz Sharif or LDA? What is the fault of Jang and Geo? What is the fault of the thousands of workers who are affiliated with this institution when you do this then Pakistan will be disgraced as well On the grounds that the case is fighting against India, it will weaken.

Analyst Mohammed Sarfaraz said that the process would bring reproach to the world but one thing is also coming to light in Pakistan that this government can not tolerate any criticism. This is the latest case of harassment of Pakistani media while Pakistani media. Already under heavy censorship, international journalists have strongly condemned the arrest.

Even during his stay in Imran, Geo and Mir Shakeel had been critical of Rahman, but Geo was still broadcasting, he was not censoring or broadcasting against himself. The public and the international community were also aware. Imran Khan is running a fascist government which does not tolerate any criticism against himself.