Arrest of my journal: Accountability or revenge?

Through centuries of conscious travel, humanity has learned that the difference between humanity and humanity is only consciousness, otherwise animals are no more behind humans in eating and drinking. It is the greatness of intellect and understanding that teaches us what are the characteristics of humanity versus world ahmed

Centuries ago, when the world was ruled by animalism, the car of this barbaric law became a manifestation of blind power, whose purpose was, first, to crush those who disagree with it.

Thoughts of ideas like dictatorship, terror, ignorance, oppression, revenge and hate are the product of this same age, but over time, as human consciousness begins to gain height, the light of knowledge spreads. Dabati went away and was gradually replaced by democracy, contemplation, freedom of expression, rule of law, human rights, dialogue and love and brotherhood.current world news

Those who spread the light of knowledge or philosophy or logic at the beginning of the Cultural Journey were persecuted by those who believed in oppression and made harsh cases and sentenced sentences.current world news

The winners were forced to drink the poison in the guilt of why they encourage new generations to speak the truth truthfully and with reason and reason, such as Syedna Christ-led thinkers arranged to be crucified. Why do they reveal the hypocrisy, lies and duplicity of the so-called powerful of society.

Today, with the modern media, the good features of spreading the light of light have been strengthened, yet the dark hollows of oppression created by oppression have not convinced many regions of human beings like Hitler and Mussolini. There are those who, in a bright region like Europe, seemingly embraced the darkness of fascism and Naziism in the fabric of democracy. Public eyes are unable to recognize them.

Just sitting in the deep and deep of this Corona, our people will not delay in recognizing this familiar ink, while it is watching the moment with the dark glow of imagination as the ink-power contenders find safe places to hide. They will not have the means to appear in public.

Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman, editor-in-chief of Jung and Geo is not just a person or a person, he is a contemporary luminous lighthouse, an institution, a lighthouse whose rays wake the sleeping everyday and Warns the ignorant.

Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman is the great son of the elder father who has been the head of the country's largest media house for the last three decades, but so humble that the common man like Darwish visits him when he goes to meet him. Listen to them, come to leave the door, someone addresses them with respect, then immediately becomes a figure of humility and it is said, No, Brother, you should only call me Shakeel Sahib or Sir.

Our friend Khawaja Iftikhar remained in rivalry or opposition for the rest of his life. In an interview when asked to evaluate the personality of Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman in an interview, he said, there is no comparison. Not even humanity and morality are truly great human beings, and they have nothing to boast about, nor any arrogance of any kind.

In fact, whatever branch is bent, the fruit can be infused with the envy of the masters that God has bestowed on them. Those who used to say, 'I will not leave you,' at the moment they are locked up in the prison cell, but after every dark night there is a dawn, my sir will soon be with his family, Those who put the BNP on the previous numbers think they will get nothing but shame and embarrassment over these tactics of repression.

Remember that in the history of the oppressor, the perpetrators are counted in the perpetrators list. It is their real crime to convey the facts to the general public every day without diminishing and spreading awareness. This awareness clears the veil of falsehood and hypocrisy, otherwise finding decades of cases and making fake cases was difficult or not so difficult for the oppressed.

Lying is the only way to tell where the pain is and where it goes, otherwise dozens of names can be used here. This is the law when wax became nasal. Or attack the broadcasting agency.

In the wake of the most heinous crime such as treason, such a high court here commits the most severe punishment to a criminal, yet his ink does not dry out. ۔

First of all, it is ridiculous to open an account 34 years ago, when the respected and responsible person is presenting himself on your notice facing all the questions then any justification for arrest. How is it made What is the validity of possession of mobile phones and bags? What is the justification for missing the bio or putting it in the previous number?

Is the law of the buffalo whose sticks are here? Was Pakistani journalism designed to disprove this? This is an attack on open-minded journalism. Shahzib Khanzada's retaliation on logical questions. Human Rights and Freedom of Expression