Atif Aslam's beautiful message on son's birthday

Pakistan's leading singer Atif Aslam shared a beautiful message on his son Ahad's sixth birthday and gave credit to Ahad for his world ahmed
 Atif Aslam's beautiful message on son's birthday

On social networking site Instagram, Atif Aslam shared a photo taken during the concert with Ahad, who is standing near the stage while Atif Aslam is performing in the background.

Atif Aslam wrote in the caption of the photo that "Mother's prayers have reached this point, and her prayers have not let her down.current world news

Atif Aslam congratulates the son by calling him son of his rock star.

Numerous prayer messages are being shared on the singer's post by her fans.

 It should be noted that the first child Ahad was born in 2014, the next year of marriage to singer Atif Aslam and Sara, who was married in 2013.

On the occasion of the holiday celebrations of the first son 'Ahad Atif Aslam' shared a warm message from Atif Aslam.

The birth of the second child in the house of Atif Aslam and Sara

Atif Aslam shared the news of a new guest arriving at the house in December last year, which did not specify whether the new guest was a son or daughter.